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Blackjack Home Solutions is dedicated to providing high quality services to the greater Sacramento area (including Placer and Yuba Counties). Take a look below to find out what we specialize in, and get in touch with any additional questions or to learn more.

Please check back regularly! As we build our business our service offerings will expand!


Solar Panel Cleaning

Our signature service is what started it all...

If you have solar panels and have high electric costs, dirty panels may be the cause!

Research has found that solar panels in dirty environments can show a 25 percent drop in efficiency from atmospheric pollution alone and a solar panel located in a heavily polluted environment that hasn't been cleaned in a month or more might see a total efficiency drop of 35 percent or more. This doesn't even take into account other factors such as  high pollen areas, ash from wildfires, debris from surrounding trees, construction dust, etc.

Rain alone will not remove all debris from the panels and often times leaves them with a film, haze, or more significant buildup. Regular cleaning (we recommend twice annually for most homes) can maintain higher electrical outputs and reduced heat entrapment due to dirt and pollen, ensuring that your panels are working their hardest for you!

We only use low-flow, soft, highly-filtered and/or deionized water combined with gentle agitation using a soft bristle brush to ensure proper care for your panels.

Contact us today to learn more or to get a free quote!

Also ask us about cleaning services for commercial businesses!


Pest Proofing of Solar Panels

Birds, rats, squirrels, and other critters love to make a home under solar panels. This can cause damage to electrical systems, scratch your panels, attract more rodents, increase the risk of electrical fires, decrease efficiency, shorten the life of your panels, and much more. Blackjack Home Solutions can install mesh to keep animals out and protect your system!

Cleaning a Rain Gutter

Gutter Cleaning

Clogged gutters can lead to a number of issues. Trust our team to remove leaves and debris to ensure proper functioning of your rain gutters. We highly recommend this service be performed at least once annually, prior to the rainy season. Ask us about bundling discounts for booking multiple services!

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