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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the questions most commonly asked by our customers.

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How much does it cost to clean a solar panel?

Professional solar panel cleaning includes the use of our professional equipment, softened or deionized water used to clean the panels without residue, and an experienced professional who will clean the panels without damage and provide a high level of service, while respecting your property and practicing rooftop safety.

Our costs are based on a range of panels (example: 1-15 panels, 16-30 panels, etc.) and comes to a general average of approximately $4-$10 per panel.

Discounts are available for new customers, returning customers who sign up for a recurring service (every 6 months), military and first responders, and more. Please visit our "Get A Quote" page to request your free quote!

Is it worth getting solar panels cleaned?

Researchers at Duke University have measured the efficiency of solar panels over time. They found that only a few weeks of buildup was sufficient to block much of the sunlight from reaching the panels. The data showed a 50-percent jump in efficiency each time the panels were cleaned after being left alone for several weeks.*

Professional solar cleaning saves you money on your energy bills now and ensures your solar panels perform at their best for their life expectancy.

*We cannot guarantee a specific increase in efficiency on your panels however, most of our customers see a 10-30% increase after cleaning.

How often do solar panels need to be cleaned?

It is recommended to clean solar panels every 6 months (typically spring and fall) in order to maintain the productivity and effectiveness of the panels, and to ensure you are getting the best return for your investment. 

This can vary slightly depending on the amount of pollen, wildfire ash, dirt, etc. in your area. About 90% of our clients have their panels cleaned twice per year, however we have a few clients who get them cleaned up to 4 times per year.

Why clean panels in fall?

When the days are shorter, you want to soak up as much sun as possible during the sunny hours. Keeping your panels clean ensures you are getting everything out of your panels, even when the sunlight is limited.

How do professionals clean solar panels (and can I do it myself)?

We use soft-filtered or deionized water fed through a low-flow hose directly into a soft-bristled, water-fed brush to gently clean the panels. This method removes dirt, pollen, ash, bird droppings, and other debris without residue or hard water spots and is safe for the panels.

We do not recommend cleaning them yourself for a few reasons. Some of these include: the risk of climbing on your roof, incorrect methods used that could cause panel damage, hard water residue left behind, etc.

At Blackjack Home Solutions we have made the investment into the proper tools and materials to clean your panels effectively while maintaining the integrity of your panels. We take on the risk of climbing onto the roof to clean the panels so you don't have to!

Bonus Question (We get this one a lot):

Can I clean my panels with a pressure washer?


Pressure washers are great for cleaning the exterior of your home, but should never be used on solar panels. The high reach and pressure might seem appealing because (in theory) it would make cleaning large sections of solar panels much easier but doing so runs the risk of damaging the panels.

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